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Barry Zimmerman

30+ Years of Experience as a Truck Accident Lawyer in the Roseville & Auburn Areas

I am an experienced local truck accident attorney who has worked with the best experts in accident reconstruction, tractor-trailer dynamics, highway safety regulations, medicine, vocational rehabilitation, and life care planning so that my clients maximize their recovery.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers require expert legal experience and advice. For 30 years, I have helped individuals in Auburn, Roseville, Sacramento, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Placerville, Orangevale, Lincoln, and throughout California to realize the maximum potential of their claims for serious injuries suffered when a semi-truck or tractor-trailer is involved.

Do you need an expert truck accident lawyer?

Yes. You will be at a disadvantage if you ever attempt to handle a serious case on your own when the other party was driving a truck. Insurance companies for trucking companies are used to dealing with lawyers, not the victims themselves. They will have high-priced lawyers on their side, so you’ll need an experienced lawyer on yours to get the full value of the case. In some instances, the victims of a truck driver’s carelessness or a bus driver’s negligence, or other commercial vehicle driver’s errors can result in lifetime compensation and record damage awards. When this is at stake, it’s important that you have an experienced lawyer representing you.

Why hire a lawyer to handle a case if you’re injured by a truck?

The damage in most truck versus auto or other vehicle accidents is major. The injuries caused by these accidents are often permanent and severe. Since the other vehicle is a truck, it will typically be covered by a business insurance policy. That means there is a large pool of settlement money or verdict money available to you.

What is the value of a truck accident case?

I have settled cases where my clients were injured by a truck for a million dollars and for several hundred thousand dollars. These cases often involve extensive surgeries and long-term disabilities to my clients.

How is a lawyer useful in getting records and logs related to your case?

You will need a lawyer to obtain maintenance records on the truck and driving records of the truck driver. Truck drivers have to keep logs. There are limits on their mileage. There are limits on the number of hours they can have behind the wheel. There are on-board computers that have records on speeds, braking, and evasive measures. A lawyer can get these records.

Free consultations for your truck accident case

Over the last 3 decades, I have helped tens of thousands of local community members recover in excess of $35 million dollars in settlements, verdicts, and judgments. I have amassed the financial resources to invest in the best experts on liability and damages so that my clients maximize their recovery.

There is never a fee for initial consultations. I always advance costs in truck accident cases. In addition, there are no fees or costs charged to you unless you recover a settlement, verdict or judgment. And, because I am a local lawyer who has been in the same location for over 23 years, I offer reduced fees for cases that resolve prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

Do I have a case? 

Your local hometown lawyer who gets results, with offices in Auburn and Roseville.

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Before you give an authorization to another insurance company to get your confidential information or to take your recorded statement, talk to me first.

Before you sign any paper with someone else’s insurance company, talk to me first.

Before you choose an outside franchise law firm with no ties to the local community, talk to me first, a local lawyer with 30 years of experience in your local community who you can trust.

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