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Barry Zimmerman

30+ Years of Experience as a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Roseville & Auburn Areas

The local communities of Auburn, Roseville, Nevada City, Placerville, Sacramento, Grass Valley, Placerville, and the rest of Northern California are home to some of the best roads for motorcycle riding in the world.

Regretfully, motorcyclists are also particularly vulnerable and susceptible to serious injury caused by distracted and careless motorists. 

You will need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to protect you from false claims and stereotypes. You will need a motorcycle injury lawyer who has the resources to hire the best experts in accident reconstruction, highway safety and regulation, medicine, life care planning, and vocational rehabilitation. 

I am a local attorney who has been helping injured motorcyclists in Auburn, Roseville, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Placerville, Sacramento, Lincoln, Orangevale, and the rest of California get the money they deserve, and I’ve been doing it for over thirty years. 

Recent Victories for this Motorcycle Accident Attorney in the Roseville & Auburn Area

Over the past 30 years, I’ve recovered in excess of $35 million for my injured clients. Here are a few recent cases. 

$1 Million

For the family of a motorcycle driver and his passenger who were killed when a hay truck lost its load, blocking our client’s path and causing a major accident.


For a motorcyclist who was unable to return to work as a firefighter for a year after being struck by a motorist who violated his right of way.


For an uninsured motorcyclist who was able to collect funds for his medical bills and wage losses.

Free Consultations for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Did you know? I always offer free initial consultations. There are never any fees or costs in a motorcycle personal injury case unless we recover a settlement, verdict, or judgement. I offer reduced fees in cases that resolve prior to litigation or lawsuit filing.

Do I have a case? 

Your local hometown lawyer who gets results, with offices in Auburn and Roseville.

What should I do if I’m injured in a motorcycle accident?

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident and are able to take action at the scene, then take the following steps:

1. Call the police.
2. Get all vehicles and yourself to safety if possible. 
3. Get the name and number of the motorist who hit you.
4. Get their insurance policy.
5. With permission, record a statement from the motorist on your phone if they admit fault.
6. Get the names and numbers of any witnesses.
7. Take photos. Take more than you think you’ll need! Take photos of your bike, the other car, of the conditions on the road, and anything else you can think of.
8. Get medical assistance and follow all of your doctor’s instructions.

You should call a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as you are awake, conscious, and coherent enough to do so. Talk to your attorney first. Not the insurance company, not the other driver, not even your family members and friends.

Should I get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident?

You absolutely need an attorney if you are a motorcyclist injured in an accident and you have suffered a serious injury like a TBI, open wounds, or fractures.

If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, chances are your injuries are going to be significant. Usually, they’ll be even more significant than the injuries you’d receive in a car accident.

You’re also more likely to be unfairly blamed for contributing to the accident.

Motorcycle Accident Case Example #1

I represented a young man who was riding his motorcycle when a tree-trimming truck pulled out in front of him. The young man suffered life-threatening injuries and almost lost his leg.

I helped him coordinate the future medical care he needed, negotiate with the insurance companies, and handle ongoing expenses.

This client required extensive surgery and will need medical care for the rest of his life. He won’t walk normally again. So we helped him with rehabilitation and vocational counseling that would help him pursue a new career path. We also helped him make decisions about his future medical needs. 

Finally, we worked with experts, including life care planners, to put together a care plan for the disabilities he’d have to live with for the rest of his life.

Motorcycle Accident Case Example #2

I represented a firefighter who was injured on his motorcycle when a negligent car driver struck him and his bike.

Our client was very worried he would be unable to return to full duty. He was actually out of work for many months, then returned to light duty a year later. Now he is back to work at full capacity.

Throughout the course of his case, we worked with his employer to make sure he got all of his benefits, such as sick leave and disability payments. We also helped him keep track of all of his losses. For example, he lost promotion opportunities, overtime, and other employment benefits. 

Finally, we helped him get his ongoing medical expenses deferred until the case was settled, and got him access to the best therapists and doctors to ensure he got his ongoing needs met.

For some motorcycle injury lawyers, the case and the settlement are the only thing they’re paying attention to. I help my clients handle so much more than the insurance company, because I know that winning a settlement isn’t the only problem that they’re facing.

Motorcycle Accident Case Example #3

My client was struck by a car while driving his motorcycle. This accident was not his fault. Our client could not afford to have motorcycle insurance, so he was uninsured. Because he didn’t carry insurance, the law prevents him from recovering money for pain and suffering. However, we were still able to collect $90,000 for his medical expenses and $10,000 for his wage losses. We were then able to negotiate his medical bills and reduce them to $30,000. So, our client was able to get a substantial amount in his pocket even though he was uninsured.

What role do motorcycle accident attorneys play in your medical recovery?

I’ve helped my clients in a variety of ways. 

• Get disability payments while they’re off work.
• Helped direct my clients to ask the right questions of their treating doctors.
• Intervened with medical providers who are awaiting reimbursement.
• Reviewed medical records as the case proceeds to better understand what future care might be required.
• Connected clients with the best doctors and therapists. 
• Evaluated whether settlement offers are fair.

When should you call a lawyer after a motorcycle accident?

As soon as you’re able to physically make a phone call and as soon as you’ve gotten through the initial shock of the injury.

Are motorcycle accident attorneys worth it?

Yes. I resolve motorcycle accident cases for far more than clients could ever get on their own. 

I have never had an attorney fee that was higher than the amount of money my client got in their own pockets.

Unrepresented motorcyclists get lowball offers from insurance companies! These companies try to take advantage of you by paying pennies on the dollar. I know what your case is really worth and I will fight for you.

As your motorcycle accident attorney, I am in the best position to level the playing field so that you get a fair result in your case.

Who is at fault in most motorcycle accidents?

60% of the time, drivers of passenger vehicles are mostly at fault, often failing to yield the right of way to smaller vehicles. They also involve left turns; drivers who pull in front of motorcycles that are going straight.

Often the drivers simply do not see the cyclists. Yet this does not mean they were not negligent. Drivers have an obligation to look where they are driving.

Read more about payouts when you’re at fault.

What is a fair settlement for pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering will make up the bulk of the settlement in most motorcycle accident cases. 

In California, pain and suffering is calculated by the length of time you received treatment for your injury, plus any residual symptoms or care you will need on a permanent basis.

We look closely at the ways your injury has changed your life. If you can no longer work, go to school, participate in beloved hobbies, or keep up with your kids then we take all this into account.

Pain and suffering does not replace the other parts of your settlement. It is awarded in addition to medical expenses and future medical expenses, as well as wage losses.

What common injuries result from a motorcycle accident?

The most common injuries we see are:

• TBIs
• Disfigurement
• Scarring
• Loss of limbs
• Fractures requiring surgery
• Spinal cord injuries

Why do you need a helmet camera?

Helmet cameras like a GoPro help you protect yourself. This camera footage can become vital evidence in your case.

Of course, we also get evidence from other sources as well. For example, if your accident took place in any kind of a commercial area then most buildings have cameras. I can help you get that footage.

A lot of intersections also have cameras I can get footage from.

Which California motorcycle laws might impact your case?

The most common law that will impact your case is the lane splitting law. Lane splitting happens when you ride your motorcycle between lanes or rows of slow-moving or stopped traffic moving in the same direction. 

If the evidence showed you violated this law it could impact who is found “at-fault” for the accident. It impacts right of way and unsafe turns, as well as speed. Most motorists hit riders because they cannot see them, and lane splitting can absolutely create a situation where a driver had no reason to suspect that you’d be there.

What sets this motorcycle injury lawyer apart? Why Barry Zimmerman?

Here are a few things that set me apart.

  • I have financial resources of my own. This means I can hire experts and investigators who can help with your case.
  • I advance these costs. You never have to fund your own case up front.
  • I’ve recovered in excess of $35 million dollars for accident victims, and I’ve been doing this since 1987. 
  • I’ve been in the same Auburn location for 23 years, and in the Roseville office since 2020.
  • I offer reduced fees for cases that resolve prior to filing suit!
  • I’m highly responsive.
  • I’m available 24/7.
  • I’m committed to going above and beyond, and to help with all aspects of your case.
  • Check out my Google reviews!

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