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Barry Zimmerman

30+ Years of Experience as a Car Accident Lawyer in the Roseville & Auburn Areas

If you drive at all then there’s a good chance you’ll be involved in a car crash at least once in your lifetime. When it happens to you, you’ll be happy to have a good car crash lawyer on your side. 

Anyone who has suffered serious injuries in a car accident knows how shocking, disorienting, upsetting, and often frustrating the experience can be. Dealing with hospitals, doctors, the total loss of your car, auto repairs, rental cars, insurance companies and employers can be nightmarish, especially when you have a traumatic injury and pain.

If your accident was the result of other people’s negligence, I can help. Since 1987, I have been a local auto injury attorney who has helped individuals in the communities of Auburn, Roseville, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Placerville, Sacramento, Orangevale, Lincoln, and other areas of California navigate the complexities of recovering compensation from vehicle accidents.

Recent Roseville/Auburn Area Victories for this Auto Accident Lawyer

$1 Million

When an Auburn Round Table Pizza delivery driver rear-ended my client’s vehicle, killing my client’s wife.

$1 Million

When my pregnant client suffered a miscarriage and traumatic brain injury when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by an underinsured motorist.


Recovered for an elderly man who was struck by an intoxicated motorist while crossing a highway to retrieve his mail.

Do I have a case? 

Your local hometown lawyer who gets results, with offices in Auburn and Roseville.

What is the average settlement for a traffic accident in California?

In my 34+ years of practice the average settlement that I have been able to attain for my clients has been in the 5-figure range. 

Sometimes they are even higher. I focus on serious injury cases, and many of those cases average in the 6-figure range. About once a year I resolve cases for up to 7 figures.

Your specific results will depend on the facts of your case, as well as the extent of your injuries and the impact they have on your life.

Can I sue after a car accident in California?

Absolutely, though the goal is rarely to take your case to trial.

In my practice, I always try to resolve a case out of court first. This can mean more money in my client’s pockets since I charge a lower percentage fee. This is simply because my costs are much lower than they’d be for litigation.

In some cases, we can’t get a reasonable offer or the injuries are too significant to settle out-of-court. That is when we will typically choose to file a suit.

How long does it take to settle a vehicle accident in California?

It typically takes about 2 months after you have finished your treatment to go into settlement negotiations. In my practice, most people reach maximum medical improvement for their injuries within six months. 

If settlement negotiations break down and a lawsuit has to be filed, it can take much longer to go to trial. On average, a trial can take up to 18 months after a lawsuit is filed.

However, many cases get resolved after the suit is filed and before trial. This can mean putting money in your pockets that much faster.

How much can a car injury attorney get for pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering is often the most valuable part of an injury case. It’s not awarded separately, but is included as part of your lump sum settlement. 

The amount of pain and suffering is calculated by the length of time you received treatment for your injury, plus any residual symptoms or care you will need on a permanent or future basis.

Frequently, pain and suffering is equated with an inability to do activities, go on trips, engage in hobbies or recreational activities, or engage in other daily life activities. It can also equate to an inability to work, or pain suffered while working. You need to be able to demonstrate how your injuries have had a negative impact on your quality of life.

Pain and suffering is awarded in addition to your medical expenses, future medical expenses, wage losses, and any kind of ongoing, out-of-pocket care or equipment you might need in the future.

What is the average bodily injury claim?

Your bodily injury claim will depend on the actual cost of your medical bills. 

The average settlement is in the 5-figure range. Serious cases can be 6 or 7 figures.

Be sure to keep all medical records and bills to share with me so that we have that evidence on-hand to set a number.

What is a good settlement offer?

The best way to evaluate a good settlement offer is to take the case at its highest value from a potential jury verdict vs. the offer that’s being made prior to filing suit. We then calculate the costs of going forward to trial, including your time and my attorney’s fees. This can help us make a determination of whether the current offer to settle is best.

Hypothetically, let’s say the insurance company is currently offering you $50,000. Let’s say the costs are $1,000 and the fees are at 25% since we have not filed suit. In this hypothetical, you’d get approximately $37,000 on this $50,000 settlement.

On the same hypothetical, if you had a verdict of $75,000 after trial, costs would typically be around $15,000. After costs, the attorney fee would be 33% because of the higher risk involved in litigation. In this hypothetical, you would get approximately $40,000.

So is it worth it?

The $3,000 difference probably doesn’t justify the 18 month wait, the stress of litigation and your time to go to trial. Of course, if you go to trial, there’s no guarantee that you would do better than the offer prior to litigation.

Many of my clients opt for the sure thing. On average, well over 90% of cases settle because clients are realistic.

How is fault determined in a car accident in California?

In California it’s important to have the police out to the scene of the accident whenever possible. If someone is injured, you should always call the police.

The police officer will take statements from the witnesses, look at the scene, and give an opinion about who is at fault. The insurance companies almost always accept the police officer’s determination. 

If there’s no police report, unless someone admits fault or the accident has an obvious cause, or there’s a witness who helps establish fault, proving fault can be difficult. When there is a problem proving fault there may not be much point in pursuing the case, simply because the costs will outweigh the potential gains.

What should you do if your car accident wasn’t your fault?

If you were injured, make sure you call the police so they can come to the scene and establish fault. You should also do what you can to collect evidence that will help you establish the other party’s liability. This evidence includes:

• The names and numbers of all witnesses.
• Contact information and insurance information for the driver. Photos of the scene and the vehicles involved.
• In some cases, you may be able to get the driver to admit fault. With permission, take a recorded statement from the other party or from witnesses using your phone.

What happens if you are at-fault for a car accident in California?

If you were at fault, don’t talk to anybody about the accident except your lawyer or insurance company! Avoid making even so much as an apology, which can be construed as an admittance of fault.

Sometimes more than one person is at-fault. In those situations, if you are severely injured, you may still be able to recover significant monetary damages based upon comparative fault. 

The mere determination of fault does not mean you lose. You have to be 100% at-fault in California before you lose the right to recover.

Do I have a car accident personal injury case?

The law of negligence means that if you suffer traumatic brain injury, fractures, neck injuries, back injuries, scarring, burn injuries, soft tissue injuries, or other physical and emotional injuries as a result of another person’s failure to exercise reasonable care, then you are entitled to collect your medical expenses, wage losses, future car and expenses, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

I have recovered millions of dollars for victims of motor vehicle accidents over the last 30+ years. I provide the expertise and leverage to handle your case from the initial insurance claim to jury trial, all to maximize your recovery without any up-front costs or fees to you. 

Best of all, I only get paid when you win.

When should you get an attorney for a car accident?

If you have been to a doctor and are told you need ongoing medical care, then it pays to get an attorney involved as soon as you are medically capable of meeting with an attorney. I can even file your claim with the insurance company for you.

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

If you are in a serious accident where the police prepare a report and your vehicle has sustained major visible damage, then you will need the help of an experienced auto accident lawyer to maximize your financial recovery. Having a lawyer will ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of by the other driver’s auto insurance company at a time when you are at your most vulnerable.

Are there times when I don’t need a lawyer after a car accident?

In many cases, it is not worth hiring a lawyer. If the police never came out, or if there’s no police report and the property damage to your vehicle is small, and your injuries are soft tissue only, you can often get a fair settlement on your own. I encourage people to call me to find out if they really do a lawyer and if I think they don’t, I will tell them what they need to do to handle it themselves. And I never charge a fee for that advice.

What sets this car wreck lawyer apart? Why Barry Zimmerman?

I have the financial resources to invest in your case so you can stand up to the insurance industry and realize the maximum financial recovery possible. 

Your initial consultation with me is always free. I always advance costs in car accident cases so that you do not have to fund your own case up front. 

Since 1987, I have recovered in excess of $35 million for victims who have suffered injuries in car accident cases. I have built up a war chest to provide all the necessary resources to finance your case, ensuring you get the maximum amount of compensation allowed for by the law.

Since I am a local auto accident attorney who has been at the same Auburn location for over 25 years (plus, I’m in Roseville now, too), I also offer reduced fees for cases that resolve prior to filing suit.

You’ll find that I am highly responsive and committed to communicating with you through every step of the process. I return calls quickly. I’m professional and dedicated to answering all of your questions. I’m supported by amazing staff members who are equally committed to helping you.

I also am committed to going above and beyond to get you the results you deserve. I know the law, and I’m passionate about using my knowledge to help people just like you. 

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