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Barry Zimmerman

30+ Years of Experience as a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in the Roseville & Auburn Areas

Were you involved in a bicycle crash? I can help. 

Biking has become more popular than ever here in the Roseville and Auburn areas, especially during Covid. After all, it’s a safe outdoor activity that you can do outside and alone: the two safest ways to do exercise during pandemic conditions. A lot of people fell in love with the exercise at the height of Covid, and so the popularity continues.

Unfortunately, with more bikes on the road the potential for bicycle accidents is greater than ever. Many cyclists are in danger of getting into an accident with a motor vehicle. 

When that happens the injuries are usually catastrophic. If the driver was negligent you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. Yet you can’t count on the driver or their insurance company to do the right thing.

Instead, you need to work with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer who knows how to take cases just like yours.

Why Expertise Matters

There are two reasons why hiring an experienced bicycle accident attorney makes a difference.

The first reason is the injuries are typically quite extensive. In a bike vs. auto crash, you’re typically going to see fractures and head injuries. You need more than a chiropractor and a little aspirin to recover from a bicycle accident.

The injuries can start racking up tens of thousands of dollars in costs from day one. Insurance companies don’t want to pay these costs, so they fight harder to pin the blame on you, the cyclist. They’ll even do this if your accident has resulted in death, leaving families to fight to defend their loved ones so they can get compensation for their losses.

The second reason is that many motorists are still hostile to bikers. Culturally, motorists tend to be suspicious of cyclists even in this region where so many people enjoy the pastime. You would be surprised how often juries are willing to pin the blame for accidents onto the cyclists, as if they are to blame for what happened just because they were on the back of a bike. This is a complication shared by those who ride motorcycles, and one of the complications I know exactly how to overcome.

It is true that a cyclist can be at-fault for an accident. Yet here on these country roads in northern California, that’s not always the case. Often, drivers just aren’t paying attention to cyclists, and cause a tragedy as a result. 

Do I have a case? 

Your local hometown lawyer who gets results, with offices in Auburn and Roseville.

Recent Victories for this Bicycle Accident Law Firm

As a bicycle lawyer, I leave no stone unturned.

$5 Million Bike Accident Settlement 

A dad on a bike was killed by a nurse who made an improper left turn and pulled out in front of him. Other bicycle accident lawyers might have stopped at pursuing the insurance company for compensation. I dug a little deeper. I learned the nurse was on-call and on the way to the hospital to work. That opened the door to suing her employer, allowing us to produce a much larger wrongful death settlement for my client’s family.

An Emotional Distress Victory

In Roseville an orthopedic surgeon was riding a bike with her two daughters and her husband when a passing motorist clipped her. She broke her wrist, which ultimately threatened her career by destroying her hand, her most important tool. Her family members weren’t hit, but they did have to witness the accident. This allowed me to get compensation not just for my surgeon client, but for her family members who suffered from a “negligent infliction of emotional distress.” 

Bicycle accidents have lifelong consequences! 

Work with a bike attorney who looks for all of your damages. Don’t stop at the ER and physical therapy bills. We address future pain and suffering as well, such as lifetime limitations on using hands and legs, TBIs with permanent consequences, and more. 

This is especially important in bike accident cases as residual injuries and pain are very common. Work with a bike lawyer who will get you compensation for what you’ll face in the future, not just in the past. 

When you work with the right bicycle attorney your compensation could be well in the 6-figures for wage losses and residual disability, depending on how long the recovery is to full recovery or maximum medical improvement.

What sets our firm apart?

I care. Expect outstanding communication and responsiveness. Unlike many other attorneys, I return calls quickly. 

I truly care about going above and beyond for my clients. If you want care and support in addition to legal advice and knowledge, then turn to my firm to help you recover from your bicycle accident. 

The last thing you want to do is defend yourself when you’re hurt!

The emotional challenges alone are huge. You’ll be up against a powerful company who wants nothing more than to tell you, “This accident is all your fault,” or are doing their best to find ways to minimize your payout by downplaying the severity of your injuries.

You need an attorney with 30+ years of experience. I have the resources to litigate your case if need be, and a reputation for settling cases for what they are worth. 

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